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Plays by Joe Marshall

If you have ever seen a Joe Marshall play in person, you probably remember laughing a little too loud in a theatre, how real the characters were, and how much you could relate to the story even if you don't share the same experiences.


And if you were ever lucky enough to be cast in a Joe Marshall play, you also know about the impossibly fast-paced dialogue (until it clicks and then it's fun), the biting sense of humor that sneaks up and hits you later, and the honesty in the way LGBTQ+ stories are told.

Contact us if you would like to produce a Joe Marshall play. You can also order a script or reader's copy below for A Waning Gibbous Moon, The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!, A Night in Vegas and Dirty Secrets.

art A_Waning_Gibbous_Moon_by-joe-marshall(high).jpg
art A_Waning_Gibbous_Moon_by-joe-marshall(high).jpg

A Waning Gibbous Moon

Mark, a young gay man and professional dancer, shares a Sutton Place Apartment with Stan, an interior designer. On the hunt for true love, Mark rejects an opportunity with fellow dancer Rick, and Cooper, an older straight friend who Mark secretly dreams about. When he finds himself in what he believes is unrequited love, the only fulfillment Mark finds is in his dreams, where he enjoys private intimate dances under a waning gibbous moon.


“A Waning Gibbous Moon” is a gay romantic comedy. It's a play with integrated dance, a full expression of dialogue and movement, where the dancing pushes the narrative forward and is an integral part of the overall production.

"A Waning Gibbous Moon" was first produced Off-Broadway in 2018 at The Player's Theatre.

Contact Us to learn about obtaining a license to produce A Waning Gibbous Moon

art TheGayestChristmasPageantEverFinal.jpg
art TheGayestChristmasPageantEverFinal.jpg

The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!

It's time for the annual holiday production for a struggling gay theatre company in West Hollywood. Jim, the pot-smoking straight tech guy, offends M&M, the eclectic playwright, causing him to walk out and take his script with him. Now the crazy and drama-addicted team has just a few weeks to product the "gayest Christmas pageant ever." This holiday camp-fest is a fast-paced comedy packed with hilarious dialog and over-the-top characters.

"The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!" made it's Off-Broadway debut in 2009 at The Actor's Playhouse, to sold out audiences.

Contact Us to learn about obtaining a license to produce The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!

art ANightInVegasFinal.jpg
art ANightInVegasFinal.jpg

A Night in Vegas

"A Night in Vegas" is a raucous comedy in six vignettes that gives us a peek into the flamboyant Vegas nightlife all through the door of one hotel room.


From male prostitutes and anonymous sex, to gay marriage and everything in between, this fantastic comedy set in the gayest hotel on the Vegas strip will have you laughing and leave you declaring what happens in Vegas...


A Night in Vegas is Joe Marshall's second play. It was awarded AriZoni awards for Best Director, Best Original Script and Best Original Production in 2000. The current script was updated for the 2010 Off-Broadway production at The Bleecker Street Theatre. 

Contact Us to learn about obtaining a license to produce A Night in Vegas

art dirtysecrets.jpg
art dirtysecrets.jpg

Dirty Secrets

"Dirty Secrets" is a smart, gender-bent thriller that pokes fun at brainless gay stereotypes. It’s all about Tom, who shows up at the home of Nick and Shane, a gay couple who live in Manhattan. Tom is depressed because he’s just discovered that his boyfriend of eight years has had sex with another man.


It turns out that Tom has come to torture Shane, to seek retribution for his messed up romance. It’s the ways in which Tom carries out his revenge — first demanding sex with Shane, later seducing Nick — that move the play along. He has a worthy opponent in the snaky Shane, who trumps Tom’s attempts at blackmail, but can’t keep up with his nasty houseguest’s vile temper. 

"Dirty Secrets" is the first play Joe wrote, and made its Off-Broadway debut at the Roy Arias Theatre in 2008.

Contact Us to learn about obtaining a license to produce Dirty Secrets

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