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Call for Actors

Looking for non-equity male actors on Long Island (21-60) to join the cast of SONDER

Currently looking for non-equity male actors (21-60) to join the cast of Alternative Theatre Company's upcoming production of SONDER, a new play by Joe Marshall, premiering September 2023 on Long Island.

Alternative Theatre Company is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in casting and encourages actors of diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups to audition. 



It's August 2021 in New York City, one year after the COVID lockdown. Following CDC guidance due to an uptick in positive cases, Mayor Bill de Blasio announces that masks will be required beginning August 16th. After already being isolated for months, four gay friends meet for an afternoon of cocktails, where the isolation quickly blurs the lines between love, sex, lies, jealousy, friendship and murder.


Kurt - (30) Gay Successful, non-conformist, Very slight southern accent, sharp humor. Tends not to be a part of the community. Refuses to use pronouns. Can be sympathetic while at the same time combative, enjoying the debate.


Ray - (40-60) Gay He/They. A true intellect. Appears much younger. The heart of the group. Always the peacemaker.

Anthony - (21) Gay He/Him. Handsome, honest to a fault. Although never officially diagnosed he may suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder. Could be slightly autistic. Describes himself as an empath. At times lost in the conversation, other times keenly aware.


Scott - (38) Gay He/They. Southern accent, attractive, small-framed, sarcastic, slightly effeminate. At times high strung, overdramatic. Tends to take things too personally.


Steve - (25-35) Gay He/They. Heavyset, Bouncer, southern accent, Also plays the role of homeless man/Priest


Grayson - (21-25) Gay He/Him. Cute, thick glasses, Yankees cap. Also plays the role of panhandler/Tour guide.


Milo - (27-35) Gay He/Him. Typical handsome, gym boy. Self-indulgent, aggressive, and at times effeminate. Born into a well-off family, undoubtedly privileged.

Lee - (27-35) Straight He/Him. Anthony's Heterosexual older brother. Family protector, weightlifter. Proficient in firearms. Masculine.

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